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Our Jewelry
We make each and every piece of Moon Angel jewelry by hand! This includes design, molds, casting, finishing, setting stones, and assembling.

We cast our metals with the lost wax process, using sterling silver (92.5), and sometimes bronze for small accents. Our necklace  chains are also sterling silver.

All of our jewelry is available with a variety of stones. You select the stone, and we will set it in your piece of Moon Angel jewelry!

We can also make our designs in 14kt gold. A price quote is available on request.

While designing, and during production, comfort and structural integrity are our highest priorities.

All our work is guaranteed to be free from defects. Should you ever need repair of any Moon Angel jewelry, please contact us.

About Us
Moon Angel Jewelry is made by us, husband and wife team, Ron-with-the-help-of-Fa Peckham, at our studio in Sugar Loaf, New York.

For more than 35 years we have had the pleasure to design and produce handcrafted sterling silver and gold jewelry for you!

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